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Lagrasse. Photo by Kay Baumhefner.

Several years ago, while on a long-overdue holiday in the deep south of France, Don & Kay Baumhefner unexpectedly discovered the plus beau village of Lagrasse and a riverside medieval balcony gîte they immediately recognized as home.

Kay & Don Baumhefner.

Read Our Story

A preface to the Balcony Gîte discovery,
Kay and Don’s food and wine biographies, plus both the Come Home to Cooking story and retained articles that share an ongoing French connection.

Balcony Gîte main room.

Tour Our Gîte

A guided photo tour through every room in the Balcony Gîte, so you can see for yourself what all it includes.

Amélie Dekker.

Rent Our Gîte

Particular information about rental inquiries with Amélie Dekker, our professional booking agent and property manager, as well as a descriptive list of Balcony Gîte specifics to help answer all your immediate questions.

Kay’s Corner

May 2023

Kay Baumhefner.

Are we there yet?

In spite of all the possible challenges and limitations that can so unexpectedly keep showing up, may we continue to focus on what actually matters most to embrace each precious moment and feel thankful for all we still do have. Here’s to keep finding fresh ways to share and celebrate la joie de vivre.

Here’s to you and yours!

Bonne Santé!

Kay Baumhefner is a professional chef, teacher, and culinary consultant, who has played a main role in a number of Sonoma County restaurants as well as her own Come Home to Cooking culinary classes. Although cooking remains core to both her essential being and doing, a natural appetite for life in France, and her expanded fresh adventures there in recent years, now compel her to shift her focus to inviting you along to share the experience and find ways to make it your own as well. Read Our Story for more information.


A “plus beau village” is officially declared by the French government as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.
A “gîte” is a furnished house, cottage, or apartment for rent in the French countryside.

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