Bringing It Back Home

by Kay Baumhefner

With Lasting Impressions of Moments That Mattered

And still do. After traveling throughout many different parts of France over the years, and really loving them all for different reasons, it was only a year ago when we first discovered what I call the “deep southwest” just north of the Pyrenees. Capturing our hearts at first sight, we immediately realized we had arrived in a less touristed region that still authentically embraces what we try to support in our lives at home and went to France for in the first place. La joie de vivre!

Moules heart.
Moules heart

So as all of us continue to even unconsciously write our own life stories, I’ll stop using more words here to let the pictures take over, and hopefully help inspire the realization of your own dreams.

Please come in and take a look around …

St. Pierre des Champs door.
St. Pierre des Champs door
Allee Aude.
Allee Aude
Autumn in Lagrasse.
Autumn in Lagrasse
Cobble Story Lagrasse.
Cobble Story Lagrasse
Kate's horse.
Kate’s horse
Riverside reflections.
Riverside reflections
Birds flying high.
Birds flying high
Mill on the hill.
Mill on the hill
Le Pain Grand.
Le Pain Grand
Bread complet.
Bread complet
Bages Sardines Fresh.
Bages Sardines Fresh
Bages rose.
Bages rose
Bages Daurade mushrooms.
Bages Daurade Mushrooms
Bages Arch Clock.
Bages Arch Clock
Narbonne reflections.
Narbonne reflections
Narbonne Pecheurs.
Narbonne Pecheurs
Fish eel.
Fish eel
Gruissan Salt Oysters.
Gruissan Salt Oysters
Gruissan Salins.
Gruissan Salins
Shark Baby Fried.
Shark Baby Fried
Roasted shallot.
Roasted shallot
Rocks Rouge et Bleu.
Rocks Rouge et Bleu
Col Rouge Trees.
Col Rouge Trees
Col Rouge Earth.
Col Rouge Earth
Pradelle Buffalo Burger.
Pradelle Buffalo Burger
Pradelle Potatoes.
Pradelle Potatoes
Termes Chateau.
Termes Chateau
Peyrepertuse Path.
Peyrepertuse Path
Col Rouge Tree Seats.
Col Rouge Tree Seats
Window Arched Shutters Lagrasse.
Window Arched Shutters Lagrasse
Pradelle Mushroom Lasagne.
Pradelle Mushroom Lasagne
Pradelle Buffalo Sauced Pasta.
Pradelle Buffalo Sauced Pasta
Kay Camera.
Kay with camera
Durfort Chateau.
Durfort Chateau
Monk Reflections.
Monk Reflections
Termes Rock Autumn.
Termes Rock Autumn
Pork Chops Dinner.
Pork Chops Dinner
Garbure Glutton.
Garbure Glutton
WC La Cocotte.
WC La Cocotte
Gruissan Tower.
Gruissan Tower
Chuck Starts Sketch.
Chuck Starts Sketch
Chuck Signs Sketch.
Chuck Signs Sketch
Chuck Gives Sketch.
Chuck Gives Sketch
Peyrepertuse Dusk.
Peyrepertuse Dusk
Creme Brulee.
Creme Brulee
Pear Choc Cream.
Pear Choc Cream
Noisette and Rose.
Noisette and Rose

Bon Appétit! — Kay

Sunset Clouds.

Originally published November 2, 2016 on Come Home to Cooking.

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