Privacy Policy

General. This privacy policy applies to the website, published by Kay Baumhefner.

We value the privacy of our website viewers. We do not sell viewer personal information to third parties.

We do not publish feedback received from viewers, or from those who have stayed at “The Balcony Gîte”, without their permission.

Website technology and related features do collect some viewer information that is available to website owners. This site was built using the service, which by providing and supporting this platform has access to content and some viewer information. The privacy policy is here.

The Balcony Gîte. Requests for information, booking, and payment arrangements regarding the Balcony Gîte in Lagrasse, France, are usually referred to and managed by Amélie Dekker with the her own resources and policies she uses to do so. Please refer to the Balcony Gîte listing on her website and direct related questions to her.

Policy changes. Any significant changes to this Privacy Policy or related information will normally be published here, but possibly elsewhere when deemed appropriate.

Questions, comments, or requests. If you have any questions, comments, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy, contact Kay Baumhefner (see Contact page). You will need to provide relevant contact information to receive a reply. Please allow at least several days for a response as Kay may be away or want to confer with, or refer the inquiry to, her service providers.

Last updated Jan 15, 2021